"Lo Specchio" poetry series by Mondadori

Covers based on the work of Pablo Palazuelo

The Italian publisher Mondadori publishes the series "Lo Specchio" of poetry books with covers based on the work of Pablo Palazuelo.


03 Apr 2019

The most prestigious collection of poetry by Mondadori is certainly “Lo Specchio” which, born in 1940 as a collection of poetic works, but also prose texts (fiction and nonfiction), specialized in poetry. In the fifties, by the will of Alberto Mondadori (creator of the collection, together with Arturo Tofanelli) with the collaboration of Giuseppe Ravegnani, the series was also open to foreign authors (the first collection was Poemaspor Emily Dickinson, in 1956) and, for the Italians, it was a sort of springboard for young firms. By the express election of Arnoldo Mondadori, under the direction of Marco Forti, the series has become a point of arrival for established authors. Forti’s own opinions are many editorial judgments related to poetry texts, along with those of Vittorio Sereni (literary director and himself, the author of “Specchio”) and Franco Fortini. These opinions are all kept in the Authors Fund. In 2017, the collection renews the covers of its new publications based on the work of Pablo Palazuelo.


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