Book cover

La sociedad menos injusta

Nigredo I decorates the cover of "La sociedad menos injusta" by Benigno Pendás


12 Jun 2019

On May 27th, the new book by Benigno Pendás GarcíaLa Sociedad menos injusta. Estudios de Historia de las Ideas y Teoría de la Constitución” was presented at the Royal Academy of Moral and Political Science, which cover shows the work of Pablo PalazueloNIGREDO I

PhD in Political Science and a lawyer, Benigno Pendás is also a jurist, an academic of the Royal Academy of Moral and Political Science, professor of political science at CEU San Pablo University and lawyer of the Spanish Parliament. It is the author himself, who knows and admires the work of Palazuelo, who proposes NIGREDO I as the central element of the cover.

This does not seem to be an arbitrary choice, since both works propose to reflect calmly on complex problems and with different points of view. A double invitation to think and meditate.




Oil on canvas

170 x 133 cm


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