Temoorary Exhibition

Pablo Palazuelo. Unseen. The artist’s collection

An exhibition which, through 48 works, explores the creative career of one of the major Spanish artists of the second half of the 20th century.



The Cajamurcia Las Claras Cultural Centre hosts an exhibition of previously unseen work by Pablo Palazuelo as part of the Cajamurcia Semana Grande Festival.

The exhibition held in Valladolid moved to the Las Claras Cultural Centre in Murcia. The curators of this show were Gonzalo Sotelo and Marisa Oropesa, and the exhibition catalogue was published under the title: Pablo Palazuelo inédito. La colección del artista.

The exhibition «Pablo Palazuelo. Unseen. The artist’s collection», taking place at the Cajamurcia Las Claras Cultural Centre, features 50 works by the Madrid-born painter and sculptor and is being organised by the Fundación Cajamurcia with the collaboration of the Pablo Palazuelo Foundation, which has provided the works on display.

The exhibition is open to the public at the Cajamurcia Las Claras Cultural Centre, as part of the Cajamurcia “Semana Grande” Festival which, like every year, includes a series of shows from leading figures in the visual arts.

On this occasion, the chosen artist is the painter, engraver and sculptor Pablo Palazuelo (Madrid, 1915-2007), considered one of the key figures of 20th-century Spanish art, and one of the nation’s leading abstract artists on a global level. He won the Premio Velázquez award for Visual Arts in 2004, and received the Gold Medal for Fine Arts in 1981, and his work features in the collections of the world’s most important art museums.

Belda, Rodríguez-Spiteri Palazuelo, Oropesa y Martínez
Belda, Rodríguez-Spiteri Palazuelo, Oropesa y Martínez

Palazuelo began his artistic career as a painter, being one of Spain’s first artists to embrace abstraction as a visual language, and one of our first abstract painters to receive recognition from French and international critics during the early 1950s. He would later embark on a new period in which he started to work within sculpture; to do so he had to learn how to lend volume and body to the lines and flat planes that made up his paintings.

Around 50 works, of which seven are sculptures, make up this exhibition of previously unseen work, organised by the Cajamurcia Foundation with the collaboration of the Pablo Palazuelo Foundation.

Murcia: Fundación Cajamurcia. Legal deposit: VA-873-2012.

Exhibition: Pablo Palazuelo. Inédito. La colección del artista.
Where: Centro Cultural Las Claras Cajamurcia.
When: 19 October 2012 – 6 January 2013.