Temporary Exhibition

Pablo Palazuelo Inédito. La colección del artista.

Municipal Exhibition room, Valladolid Museum of Passion.



Valladolid’s Museo de Pasión hosts an exhibition of previously unseen works by Pablo Palazuelo.

Despite his generosity when he came to communicating his discoveries, not just through his artistic output, but also in disseminating his vision through written texts, conversations, courses and speeches, Palazuelo was extremely guarded when it came to his working processes. He kept the early stages of his work, along with some of his finished pieces, to himself, far from the art markets where his work was highly-prized. A large part of this collection, which the artist worked hard to keep out of the limelight, had, to date, not been seen by the public, being kept in storage by the Pablo Palazuelo Foundation in the artist’s old Galapagar workshop. Thanks to the cooperation of said institution, we have been able to reveal the 50 works included in this exhibition, which provides a brief introductory chronological tour of Palazuelo’s oeuvre, focussing on the effervescent output of the last 15 years of his career. The show’s curators were Gonzalo Sotelo and Marisa Oropesa and the exhibition catalogue was published under the title: Pablo Palazuelo inédito. La colección del artista.

The head of the Palazuelo Foundation, José Rodríguez-Spiteri and Marisa Oropesa, the curator of the exhibition, took questions from the media during the press conference launching the exhibition titled «Pablo Palazuelo. Inédito. La colección del artista» at the Museum of Passion.

For further information, consult the exhibition information pack.

Exhibition: Pablo Palazuelo. Inédito. La colección del artista.
Where: Sala Municipal de Exposiciones at the Museo de Pasión de Valladolid. Valladolid.
When: From 24 May to 15 July 2012.