Temporary Ex

(Luis Feito invites Pablo Palazuelo. Graphic Number

Exhibition organised by the Rascafría Town Council.



Proposal for an exploration of the figure of Palazuelo, through an exhibition of his graphic works, on loan from the Pablo Palazuelo Foundation and from the painter’s family. A show of works arranged into the formal series grouped together in what the Madrid artist called “families”. Organised thanks to the generous efforts of the Rascafría Town Council, which suggested an invitation from Luis Feito – honorary citizen of the town – through a show featuring 21 graphic works. Curator: Gonzalo Sotelo.

Name of the event: Luis Feito invita a Pablo Palazuelo. El número gráfico.
Location: Salón de Plenos, Ayuntamiento de Rascafría (Rascafría Town Hall Plenary Meeting Room), Madrid.
Date of event: 13/08/2012-26/08/2012