Keeping the work of Pablo Palazuelo alive

Pablo Palazuelo

Find out about the life and works of Pablo Palazuelo, a multi-disciplinary artist from Madrid who stands out as a grand master of 20th-century geometric abstraction.


Our Foundation

A cultural non-profit foundation whose goal, since 2007, has been to keep the artist’s legacy alive by facilitating access to his work.

The foundation


A permanent exhibition of more than 80 works providing an introduction to Pablo Palazuelo’s paintings, sculptures and engravings.


Cultural calendar

Find out about the different activities the Foundation is launching involving his pictorial and sculptural work.

November 2018

El Número y las Aguas I

Conference event on Pablo Palazuelo, , as part of the ““La obra escogida por/The work chosen by…” season, directed by Gonzalo Sotelo, under the title of  “El Número y las Aguas I (1978). Graphic architypes …

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February 2018

Pablo Palazuelo. Geometría docente. (Educational Geometry)

Launch of the book Geometría docente, with the participation of Gonzalo Sotelo Calvillo (editor of the book), Juan Miguel Hernández León (President of the Madrid Circle of Fine Arts) and Adolfo Cayón (gallery owner).

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February 2013

Pablo Palazuelo. Unseen. The artist’s collection

The Memory of Andalusia Cultural Centre is hosting an exhibition with previously unseen works by Pablo Palazuelo.

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October 2012

Pablo Palazuelo. Unseen. The artist’s collection

The Cajamurcia Las Claras Cultural Centre hosts an exhibition of previously unseen work by Pablo Palazuelo as part of the Cajamurcia Semana Grande Festival.

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August 2012

(Luis Feito invites Pablo Palazuelo. Graphic Number

Proposal for an exploration of the figure of Palazuelo, through an exhibition of his graphic works, on loan from the Pablo Palazuelo Foundation and from the painter’s family. A show of works arranged into the formal series grouped …

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May 2012

Pablo Palazuelo Inédito. La colección del artista.

Valladolid’s Museo de Pasión hosts an exhibition of previously unseen works by Pablo Palazuelo.

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January 2011

Pablo Palazuelo Graphic Works.

Exhibition in the “Paraninfo” Auditorium of the University of Cantabria, arranged into five main groups making up the exhibition design.

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May 2010

Pablo Palazuelo Graphic work

Exhibition featuring a selection of Pablo Palazuelo’s graphic works in the town of Galapagar, where the artist executed pieces from his final creative period. Held within the framework of a homage to the painter, who …

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